Updated on Upcoming Season : What's New?

  • Riding on snowmobile trails is a priviledge not a right.
  • Stay on the trail or stay at home! 
  • These trails are on private property not public. The land owners are nice enough to let us ride on their land so please don't ruin it for everyone.

Updated on Upcoming Season

by Fayette Sno Goers on 08/05/20

Hello!  I hope everyone's summer is going well.  Just wanted to remind everyone that all memberships expired on 6/30/20.  Please feel free to send in your dues to PO Box 112, Darlington and I can get them renewed.  Dues are $25 per member or $25 per family (spouses and children under 18) payable to Fayette Sno-Goers.

Since we have not had a meeting since January, the officer team has discussed holding a meeting in August to get some of the items from last season wrapped up.  Please watch your email for a date, time and location for this meeting.  It is important that members show up to be a part of the discussions.

See ya soon!!

Shelly McGowan