Next Meeting - 12/7. Need Help with Trails. : What's New?

  • Riding on snowmobile trails is a priviledge not a right.
  • Stay on the trail or stay at home! 
  • These trails are on private property not public. The land owners are nice enough to let us ride on their land so please don't ruin it for everyone.

Next Meeting - 12/7. Need Help with Trails.

by Fayette Sno Goers on 12/12/19

Our December meeting will be next Tuesday, Dec. 17th at Salathe's Saloon beginning at 7pm. We should have the raffle tickets by then to hand out if you need them. The drawing and auction are set for Feb. 22nd.

Some members met last Saturday to work on trails. However...

***There is a lot of trail work that still needs to be done. There will be members working over this next weekend. Please watch for notices (emails, texts, and Facebook) on the specifics so you can help out. Many hands make light work!

Trail conditions: (608) 776-3871